A downloadable game

Play as Lieutenant Uhura as she tries to fix Scotty's mistake and avoid disrupting various alien creatures.

I believe you'll need pico 8 to play the uploaded file.

If you don't have pico 8, you can also play online here http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=24018#p24068


Map view:
Left/Right - select a planet
Z - travel to planet (this will cost the number of fuel displayed above the selected planet), or will beam you down to the planet if you have selected the same planet your ship is parked at
X - warp. If you have at least one green warp crystal, you can warp to the next system with X
Up - go to your ship's loadout. Swap your tools here or refill them
[having a drill is very useful for collecting crystals, it needs to be kept topped up]

The red matter will destabilise the system, so you have to move fast before the star explodes!

Planet view:
Left/Right - move Uhura around the planet
Up/Down - select a tool
Z - use the selected tool
X - duck
The eye in the middle of the planet shows you whether Uhura can be seen. If it is half open, you can use X to duck and become hidden.
Aliens will panic if they see you, which will damage the planet's ecosystem and conflict with Star Fleet's Prime Directive.
Tools will allow you to avoid the aliens or do better. The drill will allow you to drill rocks to gain crystals.
Some actions, such as collecting fuel drops or mining crystals produce sound waves. Aliens will investigate any sound waves that reach them. Even if you are hidden, they can eventually spot you if they are searching an area (show by a '?' above their heads).

Let me know if there are any major bugs, I didn't have much time to playtest while trying to submit!


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Uhura is great and so is this game. Only thing missing: sounds.